Thursday, January 27, 2011

Testing Day

Today Sara is having all her testing at the hospital.  It will be about 4 hrs of sedation for 3 seperate tests.

First up is the PET scan.  This is to tell us if any of her tumors have turned malignant.  We won't have the results for about a week, and we don't expect that to be the case.  We do this test every 2 years or so.

Second is the MRI.  This is the routine one we do of her pelvis every 6 months to see if the tumor is growing.  I will have the results of this test today before heading home.  When the testing is over, we'll head upstairs to see the doctor and get the answer to that question.

Lastly is the EMG.  This test will show what the extent of the damage to the nerves in Sara's legs are.  We'll know what she can feel, and how much.  This is invaluable information that can really help us later to make decisions about her care.

I will be posting later, when we get home, about any results I may have.  So until then...

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