Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sara's logic says...

Sara and I are watching Blue's Clues last night, and the episode is about how things grow.  You know, plant a seed, turns into bush/tree, then harvest the fruit/veggies.  Simple enough!

So as we're watching this my daughter speaks up with some of her amazing 3 year old logic that just can't be ignored or argued with.  Mrs. Pepper and Mr. Salt ask Steve where orange juice comes from, so of course he turns to the camera to ask the kids watching if they know where orange juice comes from.  And what does my darling angel say....

She says, "From the store!"

And when he explains that it comes from oranges that are grown on trees, Sara stands by her claim that it ONLY comes from the store.  That whole fruit tree thing can't possibly be right.

She then literally yells at the TV...

"My mommy gets it from the store, and there aren't any trees in the store, so you're wrong!  She uses that little card thing!"

I love 3 year old logic!  Its so simple!  Not to mention highly entertaining as well!


  1. OMG! That is tooo good! So true, Sara. That little card thingie is magic! :) I love it! My little smart!

  2. You truly cannot argue - she's entirely correct and trying an in-depth explanation would just turn into more trouble. Plus, the story you can tell based on this is much more entertaining than the story of how you explained the farm to consumer process!! HAHAHA!
    How precious!