Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Own Blog Challenge

Some of my fellow bloggers that I follow are currently doing (or about to start) a blog challenge.  I've considered doing this a couple of times, but never found one that I really loved and wanted to do.  But they have inspired me to stop using that as an excuse, and just do it!

So to fix this, I just decided to write my own.  Its taken me a while, but here is what you can expect from my blog challenge when I get it started.
  1. Intro about me (as my life is now).
  2. The explanation for this blog, and its title.
  3. A recent photo of me, and explanation of why I picked that photo.
  4. My family explored.
  5. My friends explained.
  6. My saddest memory.
  7. My happiest memory.
  8. Life's biggest challenge so far.
  9. A book that has had an impact on my life.
  10. My hopes for this new year.
  11. Something I've lost that I really miss.
  12. My favorite trait about myself.
  13. My least favorite trait about myself.
  14. My favorite color, and why.
  15. What would I do with a million dollars?
  16. My favorite season, and why.
  17. The hardest thing about being a mom.
  18. The best thing about being a mom.
  19. What I watched on TV the night before.
  20. The charity/foundation that means the most to me, and why.
  21. What I think the meaning of my life is (so far).
  22. My favorite cartoon as a child.
  23. My thoughts on religion and God.
  24. My favorite piece of art.
  25. A song that makes me cry.
  26. Something that always makes me smile.
  27. My favorite vacation.
  28. If I had 3 wishes...
  29. A picture of something that makes me happy.
  30. My goals for the future.
So there you have it!  I've taken the things I like the most from the 3 or 4 different challenges I've seen, and I've rolled them all into one to make a giant mess.  Should be a good least for me to write, maybe not so much for you all to read.

Keep checking back if you're really that interested.  I will be starting my challenge sooner than later.

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  1. I'm SO happy you've decided to pick up on the challenge! I've been a bit of a delinquent with my own (and the WHOLE point was to quite being a delinquent blogger - go figure) but I'm really excited to read about yours. I love the topics you've chosen, what a great way to pick and choose to make the challenge more meaningful to you! Looking forward to reading! :)