Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 17 - The Hardest Part About Being a Mom

It would be ironic that this topic would appear today!  I can honestly say that one of the hardest things is what I'm doing right now...sitting in Children's Hospital waiting for news about how Sara's doing.

There are lots of things that are hard about being a mom when you have a healthy child, but with Sara the hardest parts for me revolve around her NF. 

  • I find it very hard to know I can't cure her.  
  • I struggle to not come to tears every time we have a round of testing like today.  
  • I hate holding her while they stick her with needles, or make her do other things that hurt or upset her.
  • Its hard to watch her try and keep up with kids who can run and jump.
  • I also find it very difficult to look at her when she is upset because she can't do something because of her NF complications.
I wish I got to say that the hardest part is not giving her anything she wanted or disciplining her when its been a long day.  But those weren't the cards Sara and I were dealt.  And we'll deal with it like we deal with anything else, one day/hour/minute/second at a time.

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