Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 2 - My Blog Explained

This blog started because if I had to listen to one of my BFFs complain about how I wasn't on Facebook one more time, I was going to lose it.  (Love you Mary!)  So my blog was born.  I had no idea what to put on it other than to babble on and on about my daughter...she was the only thing going on in my life at the time.  I figured this was also a good way to keep family and friends updated about all that was going on with Sara's medical issues and our lives in general.  I only have to write it once, and they can go read it whenever they want.  Perfect!!!

And originally that's all this blog was for, but now there is a little more about me as well.  Some of my readers started implying that they wanted to hear my thoughts and ideas as well as read about Sara, so now I post about a lot of different things...mostly whatever comes to mind when I log on.  I also love that I can share videos and pictures of Sara's big moments in life! 

As for the title of this blog, it is also inspired by the very same friend.  She once told me that I need to write a book about all my me-isms (as she calls them).  She said that I had great ideas, and that maybe I should even start a religion....and that people would actually follow me, which I still think is crazy.  So the title of my blog is just that; my best efforts to explain my me-isms.  Its how I practice my life because sometimes I think the thought that I'm actually doing it is too scary.  Its about how I parent, think, and just plain live.

And there you have 2!

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