Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad Day!

Today I'm having a bad day...and its of my own making.  I'm just angry and upset about a bunch of things that I have little or no control over!  And what makes me more angry than thinking about those things, is the fact that I have a bunch of amazingly good things in my life right now that I can't seem to focus on no matter how hard I try.

The thing that's bothering me the most today is the fact that I really want to go back to school...and I mean REALLY!  I always knew I would go back and get my master's (in what I have no idea), but I just can't seem to get to a point to make that happen.  I keep working hard to pay off certain things, make room in my budget, work toward having the money to go to school.  And it feels like every time I make some progress, something comes up and those funds I've saved for school end up somewhere else.  Its so frustrating! 

Of course, there are other things on my mind.  And with all these things in my way, I can't seem to find my happy focus I usually have.  My positive attitude toward life is just missing.  I can even list many great things in my life.  Like....

  1. Sara, my whole world
  2. Sara and I's continued good health
  3. An amazing man who takes wonderful care of me and makes me feel like a princess
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. A good job
  7. A safe place to live
  8. My dog
  9. All the opportunities life has put in front of me and Sara
  10. And many others...
And with all those even typed on the screen in front of me, I still don't feel any better.  Hopefully this melancholy feeling will be gone soon.  I want to get back to being the annoying, way too happy in spite of it all, positively crazy girl who always sees the silver lining.  Life is good, and I know it!  I just wish I could feel it right now!

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  1. O, my love, how I love you. I know you're having a rough day. We all have them. And someone telling you to buck up won't help. It just has to pass, but I know it will. I know you know how blessed you are and that you really are happy. It's just a day. But think forward, even if not farther than tonight when Patrick and I come over and terrorize you! :D