Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 20 - The Charity That Means the Most to Me

It finally happened!  I missed a day and am posting late.  But I have a good excuse, I was celebrating my peanut's birthday!

I have several foundations that mean a lot to me.  I can't possibly have just one because so many of these have had such a huge impact on Sara and my life.

  1. The Children's Tumor Fondation (CTF) - For supporting NF research to help cure Sara and thousands of other people.
  2. The Children's Hospital (TCH) - For providing my daughter the most amazing care, and being that extended family we needed when she was sick.
  3. The Children's Miracle Network - For helping to support TCH, and other facilities like it around the country.
  4. Kids Wish Network - For granting my daughter's wish to travel to Disney to see Mickey Mouse.
  5. Kids Mobility Network - For providing my daughter with a special bike that she can ride.
I have others too, but these are the ones that have had the most impact.

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