Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It finally happened!

It was almost a year ago, May 27 of 2009, that I was sitting in the waiting room at Children's Hospital for 4 very long hours while Sara had her urostomy surgery.  Since that stay, Sara has not had any infections or had to return to the hospital to be admitted for any reason.  I am incredibly grateful for that every day!

We all knew some day that she would get another infection; we just had no idea when that would be or how bad.  Apparently that time is now.  I took Sara to the doctor today for a small fever and other general things that indicate an illness.  Things like sleeping more, eating less, and drinking less.  She also had cloudy urine that smelled like it was rotting by the time I took her in.  She started showing symptoms last night at bedtime.

Luckily I think we caught it in time.  The doctor thinks that it is a regular urinary track infection, unlike the horrible kidney infections that used to land her in the hospital every month for a week or more.  We are treating her with oral antibiotics at home, which hasn't worked in the past but we're not playing by the same rules any more either.

I hope that the doctor is right, and that this doesn't turn out to be like the monstrous infections she used to have.  Since this is the first time since her surgery she's been sick, I'm not sure what to expect.  I always knew what to expect before the surgery when she had them.

I'm hopeful this will work, and praying as well.  Only time will tell, and if it doesn't you can guarantee I will be back blogging about our time at the hospital.


  1. It's just a regular infection. I feel it! In fact, Jack told me that he knows it is! :) Future husbands know best! Love you!

  2. Oh no! That stinks! But I'm very hopeful for you and Sara as well....please keep us up to date...and I'll be praying that this is "just" a UTI that is treated super easy at home!