Friday, April 30, 2010

Sara can read!

Last night Sara, my mom, and my nephew Brian were sitting at the dining room table working on Brian's homework.  They were working on the flash cards my mom has made with all his sight words on them, and they were going through them one at a time.  Mom would show the card to Brian, who would read the word, then Sara would repeat whatever Brian said.

After about half the words, Brian reached a word he didn't know.  Sara told Brian to "hurry up and read it."  Brian told her that if she was so smart she could read it herself.  So my mom set the card down in front of Sara, and I walked over to help out.  Sara told me all the letters in the word, and then I asked her what sound each letter made (which is what we have been working on when we read together at home).  She told me all the sounds, so then I just asked her what the word was.  She stared at it for a few seconds, and then said "book." 

She read the word all on her own.  No one told her the sounds or the letters; I just asked the right questions to help her to retrieve the correct information she needed that she'd already learned.  It was awesome, and I'm a proud mama!

Sara's had an amazing week this week!  First on Tuesday she walked the whole length of the house using her walker completely unassisted!  That was a big first; she's never walked that far before.  And then last night she reads her first word!  A week of milestones for sure.  If she keeps this up, I'll miss something important for sure!