Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Shoes!

I took Sara to the hospital yesterday to pick up her new shoes.  It took a couple weeks to get them since we had to custom order them, of course.  We went in and had her fitted about a month ago, and then did a trial shoe for the right to see what was and wasn't working for her, then made the final product for both feet.

So now Sara has shoes to wear to school, and she loves them.  They have bugs on them, which she picked.  She is still getting used to them since she's only been wearing them for one day.  She is struggling to relearn how to pull to stand and take steps with her walker, but she'll get there with a few more days of practice.

I know that you all want to see them, so here you go.  There is a molded insert that goes into the shoe on the left foot, and then the right is just a boot.  So far these seem to be more comfortable for her than her old ones, and I'm hoping they're way more functional.

Here she is with her shoes on while getting ready for school.  She's a little distracted watching TV.  Can you tell?

Hopefully these will work great and help her to gain even more freedom and independence.

1 comment:

  1. Super cute! And super cute boot too! I love them both!

    And Oh my! She looks like such a big girl in that picture! When did she go and grow up so fast???? :)