Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hospital Update

Sara had a long evening last night; lots of people wanted to see her.  Sara's dad, Curtis, stopped by, and so did my mom and sister.  And of course, my mom came with balloons from my Aunt Barb.   It was decided long ago, although I'm not sure by who, that Sara would get balloons each time she was in the hospital...and Aunt Barb is always the one to send them.  But since Aunt Barb lives in Ohio, my mom or sister usually picks them up and brings them by.  Sara loves balloons, and these are no exception!  Sara claims they make her all better.

Sara was also visited last night by my best friend, Kim, and her boyfriend, Patrick.  Kim has been a HUGE part of my support network for all of Sara's hospitalizations.  She always comes to visit us, no matter what.  She proved this last night by coming by to see us even though she had her tonsils removed the day before!  Here are Sara and Kim in bed hanging out together; my two sickies.  And as you may have guessed, that is Patrick on the left.

 And since Kim still isn't really eating solid food (and Sara didn't want to), they shared a Popsicle together.

Sara had fevers all night ranging between 100 and 102.  It made for a long sleepless night since they came in to check her temp every hour, and we had to wake her to give her Tylenol and check her blood pressure.  She did eat some breakfast, and had some visitors this morning including Curtis's mom and sister, and everyone who used to live with us (my sister, mom, step-dad, Brian and Alexis).  I managed to sneak in a shower while some of them were here to sit with her and keep her company. 

After my shower, we decided that maybe a change of scenery was in order.  So we loaded Sara up into one of the wagons they have here to go for a walk.  The wagons are pretty cool; they have IV poles on the back so the kids can ride in them and parents don't have to push an IV pole and pull the wagon too.  It makes it really nice and easy to go for walks or down to the play room.  Here is Sara all tucked up tight in her wagon for our walk around the lobby.

In the lobby they have the gift shop to walk through, but they also have a fish tank with "Nemo" and "Dorey" in it, and lastly a piece of motion art.  This motion art is amazing, and I can stare at it for quite some time.  These little balls move around the tracks and hit bells or bump switches to make things happen.  Its really neat and Sara loves to watch it.  I thought you all might like to see, so here it is.  This picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice, but gives you an idea of its size.  If you look carefully, you can see some of its tubes and loops.

Lastly, the biggest update is that her culture came back this morning.  The bug that she is growing wasn't responding to the antibiotics because they weren't strong enough to kill it.  We are starting her on a new antibiotic this afternoon that will hopefully do the job.  The down side is that she has to have 48 hours of IV medicine before she can be switched to an oral medicine to go home.  So the earliest we'll be out of here is Monday.

Of course, as things change (which they will) I will let you know.  She is still experiencing fevers, and her appetite is still suppressed.  She also has had no oral intake of fluids as of yet.  Her urine is much cleaner though, and her attitude is improved.  She's fairly active, in that she wants to move around in her bed and get in the wagon to go out and see things.  Those are good signs she's feeling better.  I'm still hopeful we'll be home in just a couple days now that we have the right antibiotic in place.

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