Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another school first!

Here it is...Sara's very first school photo!  She looks so cute, and I love that smile.

Sara has been doing amazing ever since she started attending pre-school in February.  She has lots of new friends; her teachers report that she is quite a popular kid.  She has learned to transfer in and out of her wheelchair all by herself, and in general her strength is increasing faster than I thought possible.

School has done amazing things for Sara, and she loves going every day.  She was very upset when she was in the hospital and not able to go to school.  I'm glad that she loves it so much because we all know how important school is.


  1. O my baby Booga!! I love that picture. Just another marker in the history book for Sara...she can do anything (especially when you tell her she can't...can't imagine where she gets that!) :) I love you both so much and am so blessed to be with you doing "whatever this is" together.