Thursday, May 20, 2010

Children's Tumor Foundation Newsletter

As some of you know, Sara and I have been mentioned for various reasons in the CTF newsletters over the last year or so. We have been in for many reasons, such as events we've attended for the foundation, our radio interview we did to help raise money for our local children's hospital, and most recently for our trip to Disneyland back in Feb. of this year.

Here is the link to the newsletter that mentions our trip to Disneyland.  The picture and short article are on page 6.

Here is the link to the newsletter explaining the 1st Annual NF Walk.  There is a very large group picture; we are in the first 2 rows just right of center.  Sara's in her stroller in her pink snowsuit.

Both of these newsletters have all the information you would need to get a hold of the foundation, and you can also go to the Colorado chapter's website at here.

CTF sent out a flier listing this year's annual NF picnic time and location.  At the bottom they had some side notes, including a television show done by MTV about one of teen members and his journey with NF and the quote from my blog along with my blog's address!

I'm super excited to be mentioned in the flier because one of the reasons I started this blog, besides being nagged to death by friends and family for more pics of Sara, was to help raise awareness about NF and organizations that are working to find answers.

I haven't said much about Sara's NF and what all it entails in details because up until now only our close family and friends have even known this blog exists.  But from now on I will be making more of an effort to include NF related things so that we can all stay up to date with what is going on in the NF community and what research is being done.

I may not be able to cure Sara's NF on my own, but I can lend a helping hand and hope that what small things I can do will help out in a big way.  I'm not only doing this for Sara, but for myself, and for every other family, friend, or person who is effected by NF or knows someone who is.

As a community, we have the power to help make strides in the effort to find the answers we need to treat, and maybe even cure, Neurofibromatosis.  And to all of you who have supported Sara and I personally through this amazing journey, THANK YOU!!!  And lastly, thank you to CTF for giving me a chance to help them to make a small difference in the lives of so many.

This is a strong community of people, and we can do amazing things! I'm happy to welcome every new follower that wants to join my blog because you saw it in the flier.  I can't wait to share with you all that is part of being Sara's mother and handling her NF on a daily basis, and as a lifestyle.  Raising Sara hasn't turned out how I thought it would when I used to think about it before she was born, but I'm grateful that Sara has allowed me to be opened up to and accepted into an amazing community of families and friends!

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