Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sara's Birthday Party

Because words just aren't enough, here is Sara's party in pictures!

We started the day with the big gift from Mommy...a new tricycle with special pedals!

And some fun glasses to get us in the party mood.

The birthday girl got to wear a special chef coat while everyone was cooking.

Making the pizza dough was fun, and messy...so, of course, the kids loved it!

Then the kids rolled out their dough.

And then there were the toppings to put on.

While the pizza cooked, there were presents to be opened.

The kids then got to eat the pizzas they made, and cupcakes piled high with frosting.  Oh sugar!!

Thanks to everyone who helped me to get all these beautiful pictures of this fantastic day!  I'm so grateful for your help since I couldn't be everywhere at once.

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