Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 27 - My Favorite Vacation

This one is hard!  I've had a some amazing vacations in my life.  I went to Europe on a school trip when I was young, have been to the beach more times than I can count, and visiting family is always a good time.  But overall I can say, that this last trip was the best!

I got to spend the most amazing time with my daughter!  She was in awe at everything around her, and it brought me to tears more than once to see all the happiness in her eyes.  Disney is amazing, and Sara just makes it even more so!  It will be hard to top such an amazing trip.

I know that it took a lot of people and work to bring all that happiness to my daughter's life, and I am forever grateful!  This is a trip I will never forget, and I know that Sara won't either.

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