Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Changes for Us!

The family moved out yesterday. We all lived together for 18 months, so it is a big change for us. It will be nice for it not to be so crowded, and that I will be able to be more organized, but it is sad to see them go. All the kids, including Sara, are struggling with the change. Sara came home from her dad's last night to an empty (of people) house. No other kids to play with, and she asked me where everyone was. She especially was upset when she realized that my sister went with them and her bed was gone. I expect that the next couple weeks will be hard and confusing for her, but she will still see them 3 days a week since my step-father will still watch Sara when I work. I think that it will make the transition a little easier for all the kids that we will continue to see each other so often.

What this really means is that I can finally start my redecorating as well, so those pictures will be appearing here in the next couple weeks I'm sure. Many of you have asked how that's been going, and it hasn't because I couldn't start yet. But now that I can, I'm excited to get going. I worked some on the dining room last night, and my hope is to have Sara all situated by the end of the weekend. I can't wait for you all to see what I have planned for her new room!

And on top of that, I found out this morning that my baby has a boyfriend!!!!! What?!?!?!? I guess I'm just out of touch with the school thing since I rarely take my daughter to school because of my work schedule. She is cared for by my step-father and sister during the day, so they are the ones who drop her off and pick her up. My sister called me today after dropping Sara off at school to tell me. Apparently he's a cute little thing, small in size like Sara. He ran up to see her today when she arrived, and they were super happy to see each other. Sara lets him push her when she's in her wheelchair (which few people can get away with besides me), and the teacher reports that they play together every day!

My baby's growing up! How did this happen?? I can't wait till next month when I get to go to graduation, then I can meet the little guy for myself. I'm sure he's amazing in every way if my baby approves. I sent her to school so that she would socialize and make friends, but I wasn't prepared for what that really meant I guess.

And lastly, I booked tickets today for Sara and I to fly and see a good friend of mine in MN. She has a son just a month younger then Sara, and it will be wonderful to finally get them together after 3 years of trying to do so. I'm really looking forward to all the fun we'll have in June while we're there.

Mary, I can't wait to see you and Jack!!! I know we're going to have a blast together!

So there are lots of changes for us right now, and I'm sure there will be a fair number of trials along with them. It will take some adjusting, but I'm looking forward to the future. I can't wait to see where life takes us from here, and what other wonderful things will be brought into our lives!


  1. Wow, big changes indeed! I hope the transition goes okay...hopefully with the 3 days a week it will!

    And SO CUTE about Sara's boyfriend! B had a little girlfriend at school...I don't know if they still play together as much as once reported, but so stinking cute!

    And WOW! Yay for going to visit Mary and Jack! That will be SO FUN!

  2. YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!! I Can't WAIT for you to come visit mEEEEEEE! :) So excited! Love you!