Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sara's Newest Accomplishment

I got an email this week from Sara's therapist at her preschool that works with her in regards to her PT and other physical needs. She had this to say; and I quote...

"In terms of the classroom setting, Sara has definitely blossomed in terms of her independence as it relates to her mobility and transfers. On Wednesday she independently transferred herself from the chair at the small group table to the floor and from the floor to her wheelchair for playground time."

The fact that she can now get in and out of her chair all by herself opens lots of doors for her, and offers her opportunities that she may not have had otherwise. Plus, it makes it easier for her to keep up with the other kids in her class.

I'm so proud I could cry! My little girl is finally starting to do all the things I knew she could. I guess its a good thing that I'm working so hard to reorganize her room (and give her a new one) that will work for her to keep encouraging her to work so hard!

I wonder what she'll be learning to do next! Only time will reveal what she will accomplish next that the doctors said she would never do. She truly is my miracle baby in every way.


  1. Wow! Go Sara! That's awesome and so very exciting!!!!

  2. Sara the WONDER GIRL strikes again. Nice Job Peanut!