Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Princess's New Room

These last few days I have been working hard on a new room for Sara. I decided to make her a bedroom, and also a playroom. Her playroom will be the room that used to be her bedroom, and Sara's new bedroom will be the smallest room my sister was staying in.

Here's what the room looked like before I started. It was in desperate need of a redo. The wallpaper was old and faded, not to mention falling down. There were holes in the wall, and it was just not in good shape. It was the only room left in my house that I had done nothing with since I moved in 8 years ago.

This project included ripping down 2 layers of wallpaper (people living here before me were lazy), texturing the wall that was exposed drywall once I got the wallpaper off (that was a surprise), painting and all that comes along with that, and then adding all the art and furniture (and working on the closet). It was a lot of work and it put my handy skills to the test, but it was fun and rewarding. Sara loves it, and I love it too! It will make it much easier for her to get around because her toys will be in a different room and she will have the space she needs now to move around with or without her wheelchair.

And this is what it looks like now...

Above the closet it now says, "Be your own kind of beautiful." I thought it was fitting for my baby's room.

I will be continuing to work on my home, so expect to see more in the coming weeks. Next on the list is her new playroom, which was her old bedroom, and then on to my room. I won't be doing much in my room decorating wise, mostly just getting organized so I doubt there will be any pics to see.

And here is my baby, sound asleep in her princess bed (that's what she calls it now) for the first time!

4 rooms down (Sara's new room, living room, dining room, and bathroom), 2 to go (Sara's new playroom and my room)!!


  1. LOVE IT! LOVE! LOVE LOVE!!!!! It's perfect. :)

  2. WOW! I am SUPER impressed! That's a LOT of work! You rock! And it looks awesome!!! Way to go!