Monday, May 2, 2011

Loving Tic-Tacs!

This weekend my baby acquired a new skill.  Sara can now swallow pills!  I taught her by having her practice using Tic-Tacs.  We didn't have any luck the first time using a straw, so the next day I changed her to a sippy cup so she had to tilt her head back...and like magic she did it the first time like she'd been doing it forever, and several times after that!  No gagging, no coughing, nothing.

Although this isn't a big milestone people keep track of, for our family this is huge.  Sara is very proud of herself.  She'll show anyone who will stand around long enough by swallowing Tic-Tacs.  I think she ate (really swallowed) almost a whole pack this weekend because she was so proud of herself!  And she's really excited because she knows that now she won't have to take icky tasting medicine any more.

I didn't learn this skill until I was in high school, but I also didn't need to take medication every day starting at the age of one so that my body wasn't constantly in pain.  I'm glad she's learned this skill, but at the same time I'm sad that she needs to know it so soon.

But with this change, some things will get easier.  Traveling will become much less of a hassle.  No more coolers and ice packs to keep it cold, no more extra inspection from TSA, and no more planning our weekend around when she needs her meds.  I can just toss the pills in my purse, and off we can go.  Not to mention that the liquid tastes bad, and is really sticky.  I'm so glad to be rid of it finally!


  1. Wow, a big weekend indeed! I can't believe my baby girl's growing up so fast! It is a big milestone and one to celebrate (unfortunately), but it's so much better for her. Good job, Booga!

  2. Wow, I too didn't learn to swallow pills until almost high school...and even still, I will raid the kids medicine cabinet for Motrin when I have a terrible headache.

  3. wow....very impressive! Yes, I wish she didn't need to know this skill already, but, great that she does!!!