Thursday, May 12, 2011

School Conference

Sara had her end of the year conference on Tuesday, and yes, its taken me this long to get around to posting about it.  Sorry!

The teacher showed us some of her work from the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  Of course, Sara has shown tons of progress.  Her math skills are stellar, and she knows all her letters and most of the sounds.  My guess is she'll be starting to read by next school year.  She has another year of preschool ahead; she isn't old enough to start kindergarten yet (even though she's ready).

The teacher did say that Sara's biggest issue was that when she didn't want to do something (or stop doing something) she was really slow.  I know this!  She does it at home all the time, and it makes me crazy!  Some days she has the speed of a cheetah, and other days she moves like a snail.  It has nothing to do with physical pain, its just her trying to control things and assert her independence.  But if that is her worst issue at school, then I'm happy.  Academically she's ahead of her peers, socially right on track, and just loves being there.

So there you have it!  Another great review, and another person telling me my child is too smart for her own good.  I'm so glad she's doing well and enjoys it!  As long as she has a drive to learn new things, she'll do great in life.  Nothing can hold her back!


  1. Awesome! This is great news. Way to go Sara!!

  2. Did blogger restore this post for you or did you rewrite it? My missing post is still missing.