Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Counting the days...

Sara will be infection (and hospitalization) free for a whole year on May 24th!  That will be a new record, and I'm very excited each and every day that Sara remains healthy.  So excited in fact, that you can see I've added a ticker at the top of the blog to track the number of days Sara has been infection free.

Sara's infections used to dictate everything in our lives.  For 14 months Sara and I lived in the hospital for multiple days (sometimes weeks) of each month.  Life was crazy, and it was hard to think or deal with anything but Sara's failing health.  Finally the tide turned after her urostomy surgery on May 27, 2009.  Since then Sara has only had one infection, which occurred just a few days shy of her 1 year anniversary of her discharge from the hospital after her surgery.

One year will be the new record for Sara, and then each day after that will be a new record again.  She's done so much in the last year, and grown so fast.  Its amazing what being healthy will do!  Hopefully all those infections and hospital stays are behind us for good.


  1. Isn't it funny how we count a year of no hospitalizations as a huge success? We still haven't made it a year yet......next year won't be our year either....but maybe soon. The year after? 2013 look out!!

  2. That is HUGE! Praying for a great next few days and beyond. :)