Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Understanding Grace

On Easter, we sat down to the traditional family meal; ham, potatoes, green beans, etc.  I was the last one to make it to the table, and while I'm still up I can hear my mom trying to explain to Sara that she can't eat yet cause we have to say grace.

We're not a super religious family, so we only say grace about 3 times a year on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I have taken Sara to a couple of church services, but it just isn't something that's at the fore front of our lives.

With that said, when I walk into the dining room my mom is trying to explain to Sara what grace is.  And you can tell by the look on Sara's face, she isn't getting it at all.

So I go to sit down in my car, and what does my daughter say...

"Mommy, you can't sit there!  That chair's for Grace."

After a nice laugh, we actually say grace while holding hands.  Sara just understands she has to hold hands and close her eyes, which she doesn't do.  I know cause I was praying with one eye open and she's just staring around the table at all of us like we're crazy, but she is holding hands.

After my mom says grace, and we all say Amen (except Sara), we tell her its okay to start eating.  And she says, (in true Sara style)...

"Meme (what she calls my mom), we can't eat yet.  Grace still isn't here!"

I guess I need to work on that one before the next holiday rolls around.


  1. Prayers.......we say prayers. I bet my kids would get confused if we called it 'grace' too. Ha ha ha. Cute though!

  2. HAHA! I love this. That's so Sara. You can't sit there, mom! Clearly, that is for Grace. :) So precious!

  3. Too cute! Thanks for sharing that with us. :)