Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its May...

Well, its May!  So far in Sara's short life this is the month that she has had the most trouble with.  May is the month that the worst things always seem to happen in.  Her worst infection was in May, her biggest/scariest surgery was in May, and so on.

If she can make it through this entire month without being in the hospital, then it will be official.  She will have made it an entire year without any infections or hospitalizations!  The official day (if you need one for your calendar) is May 24th, the day she was discharged last year!  And shortly after that comes the 2 year anniversary of her surgery, May 27th!  That day forever changed our lives, and I will never forget it.

So cross your fingers!  I know I am!


  1. LIKE! LIKE! A million times, LIKE! That's so great!

  2. I hear you about one year goals. So far, we haven't made it one year without surgery. Maybe one year...probably not next year but I'm hoping for the year after that.

    AND, because you've been in the hospital with Sara so much you'll totally get this....

    So some mom at Joey's preschool is a bit of a drama queen (I do like her and her child) and today she was complaining about how her dog is having surgery again and it's the second time in two weeks and how tired she is of all the doctors appointments and it's an "epic pain".

    I laughed and said, "I totally understand, except for dealing with dog surgeries, I deal with human surgeries. At least Joey doesn't bite!"


  3. Awesome! Praying she makes it well beyond May for any hospitalization, outside of the routine tests.

    Love this!