Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let there be sprouts!

Today is day 5 of watching our plants grow.  And I literally mean watching!  Sara checks them every day, and many times goes to just sit and watch them for a couple minutes at a time.

I'm happy to say that Sara and I were very excited when we got home today!  Of course, since Sara insists, the first thing we do is go to check our seedlings. 

And today when we looked inside, there they were.  A few of the tiniest little sprouts, seven to be exact!  So far we have 3 pea plants peeking out, 2 lettuce, and 2 sunflowers.  Hopefully we'll get a few more each day until all the cups have cute little green seedlings reaching out to us.

Good thing its suppose to be almost 80 on Saturday.  I think I might need to prep the yard a little sooner than I thought!  I can't wait to taste these yummy veggies in a few short months.


  1. Hey there neighbor! I saw your comment on my daughters blog and found that you live in Colorado also! We live in Broomfield! I just followed your blog, feel free to follow mine as well!
    It's nice to know u are so close....I have been reading your daughters journey....what strength you show! (she's a little cutie pie)
    Feel free to email me

  2. Very cool! You'll have to post pictures of the plants from time to time. :) Travis says Hi to Sara.