Sunday, April 3, 2011

Making Progress!

Today is day 9, and I'm happy to report that our tray of dirt is now really looking like a mini garden.  Everything has sprouted at least a couple of seedlings except for the bell peppers.  Not sure what's up with them when everybody else is growing like bad weeds.

See for yourself!

I was really excited that we might be moving them outside soon since it was 80 here yesterday.  I spent all afternoon working on the area I'm planning to transplant them all too.  But then today we woke up to cold temperatures and snow!  Go figure!  Colorado weather strikes again!  I still have quite a bit to do yet to get the garden outside ready, but I'm really excited to get them out there and watch them grow yummy veggies!


  1. I hear bell peppers are difficult to grow and that you should just buy a plant and put it in the ground and pray.......

    I think they might need to be watered less. Still keep things moist but not wet.

  2. WOW! Look at you guys go (or should I say grow..haha)! I'm so excited to see the garden up and running for real once I get home! I bet Sara is so stoked.

  3. Very cool! Congrats. Maybe we can do that next year.