Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good News Today!

We are back at the hotel from the appointments with the doctor and research group.  It went really well, and Sara was a trooper.

We met with the doctor first, and we spent about 3 hours talking and doing a very complete physical exam.  Sara hated the exam even though there was nothing to be scared of.  But the room was really cold, and I wouldn't have enjoyed stripping down either.

As for the doctor, he's great!  He's very knowledgeable and very nice.  We talked about a lot of Sara's current treatments and his opinion about them.  He thinks that we are completely on the right track considering all the complications that Sara has.  He said her doctors at TCH, especially her urologist, were doing a great job!  It was good to hear that I really am making the right choices for her, and she really is receiving the best care possible at this time.

As for his opinion on the amputation of her leg, he didn't recommend it.  He said that without a valid medical reason, like her tumors turning malignant, he doesn't think that would be in her best interest at this time.  He saw that Sara does use this leg with in the limits of her strength, and he thinks taking that would be a mistake.  So for now, it looks like we are on the right track in all regards of Sara's care.

The research team was great too!  They were really patient with Sara while she fought them about doing an ultrasound of her leg.  We eventually got it after Sara calmed down and realized there was nothing to really be scared of, but it took some time to convince her.  She also got measured for height and weight, and they also tried to draw some blood.  No such luck though, so we took the test tubes home and will try again when we put her under for her MRI in January.  Then all we have to do is overnight them back, and its all good.

As for our trip home, that has been postponed due to some major weather issues.  It is snowing here now, and suppose to keep at it until late Thursday.  Plus, one of the towns we have to drive through is currently under blizzard warning as well, and there is talk of closing the highway.  So with all that said, we decided to just hang out here tomorrow and head home on Friday.  At least then we'll be following the storm, instead of driving in it.  And I'd rather be stuck here, in a city with resources, then in a tiny town in a run down hotel on the side of the highway half way home.

Thanks to all of you for your support in this journey.  It means the world to us, and we could do it without you!


  1. Sounds like you got lots of good info. Very reassuring that you're on the right track with Sara's care. :) Great news!

  2. So glad to hear that this doctor agrees with everyone/everything so far! What a great feeling! Way to go mama!!!