Thursday, December 30, 2010

Going Home!

Tomorrow we will be heading home to Denver!  I'm very glad to be going home, but I'm really glad we came too.  We learned a lot, and everyone was wonderful.

We stayed an extra day (being today) due to the weather.  Since we have nothing urgent to head home for, it just didn't seem smart to rush home in the middle of this large winter storm and risk getting stuck or stranded. 

So to kill the time today we went over to the local superstore so that Sara could spend her gift card that she received for participating in the study.  She got a new toy, and that helped her to pass the time today.  We also went out and had a a nice lunch before the snow started falling in the afternoon.  So with the snow falling again, and a lot of it, we hung out at the hotel watching TV and some of us napping. 

Hopefully our trip home tomorrow will be uneventful.  And hopefully it won't be too long either!

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