Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Shopping!

This weekend my dad and I took Sara to the large toy store to see what she thought she wanted for Christmas.  Santa was there, so she was really excited to wave to him (you couldn't sit in his lap), and she loved looking at all the toys.  We were in the store for a couple of hours just letting her explore and play with things until we got a really good idea of what she wanted.  It was a mad house!  You would have thought it was black Friday.  There was no where to park, not even a handicap spot.  And of course everyone brought their Christmas spirit...NOT!!!

Then last night I went back and bought the couple of toys I knew I couldn't get somewhere else cheaper.  Thank goodness it was pretty calm for the most part, and other than the fact that there was only one register open...and I was stuck behind an old couple obviously shopping for their grandkids, and the lady was complaining about the price of everything and saying that's not what their ad wasn't too bad.  This large toy store isn't all that price friendly, so I will do the majority of the shopping other places.  But there is always that one thing you have to get there.

So I went in last night and got the major gift she asked Santa for and a couple of other small things.  $200 later, an injured shoulder, and my patience gone because of the little old lady, I was done.  And since I can only see my boyfriend on nights I don't have Sara, he decided to join me in the shopping instead of waiting at home for me to get it done and come over.  And boy, did he have a good time (until we got to the check out)!  We wondered around for quite some time playing with toys, pressing buttons on displays, and just enjoying spending the time together.  I wonder how many people thought we were shopping for our kids instead of my daughter?  And of course, he decided that he had to get her something too.  I told him he didn't need to, but once he sets his mind to something he rarely changes it.  So then we did the whole store all over again to find something he could get her...and she's going to love it!

It was so much fun!  The two best parts of Christmas are watching Sara open her presents and shopping for those presents.  This whole thing has improved my Christmas spirit dramatically, and its nice to finally feel like its the holiday season!  I can't wait to see Sara open what I've gotten her.  Its going to be awesome!  And to be honest, I hope Christmas gets here soon cause I want to play with it too. 


  1. Fun times!! I think I need to email you though! :)

  2. YAY!!! I love shopping for Sara, too. I'm glad you're in the spirit now, too. :D I'm curious, are you going to take Sara to the mall for Santa this year? Do you think she'll cry again--just to keep the tradition? :) I sure do love my Booga and can't wait to come home and see you guys! Miss you.