Friday, December 31, 2010

Stuck in Laramie!

Well, just a couple hours from home they closed the highway due to blowing snow.  So here we sit in another hotel in Laramie, WY, only 2 hours from home, and its cold outside!  Right now it is measuring -1, feeling like -31!

Hopefully they will open the highway again in the morning and we will get to finish the rest of our trip. This isn't exactly how I pictured my New Year's Eve, but its better then the reality being sliding off the road and being stuck in a ditch all night in temperatures that could kill. I'll take a warm hotel room over that any time, no matter where it is.

So now we just wait for the time to pass.  I've just been told as I'm typing this that part of the highway is now open...of course...but its getting dark, the roads are icy, and its wicked cold.  Plus, the hotel room is already paid for, and its warm!!

Hopefully we'll get home tomorrow!  I know my dog will be thrilled if we do, and so will I.

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