Monday, March 15, 2010

The Women In My Life

How did I get so lucky to have the friends I do?

I only have a few, but they are all amazing! I've never been one to know many people I only see once in a long while. I prefer to have a few close friends that I know I can count on, and I know they count on me too! I talk to most of them on a daily basis, or at least once a week. We play email tag, phone tag, text tag, and contact each other constantly. I tell them my fears, my hopes, my dreams, and sometimes just call to vent because I know they will listen with a kind ear. I can't imagine my life without them, nor do I want to!

Soon these ladies will be the core of my support group since my family that I now live with will be moving over an hour away. Although some of them live thousands of miles away, I still feel that they are close to me. I don't really know how to tell everyone how much they mean to me, so this is the best I can do.

Kimmy - You are an amazing young woman! You have the potential to go anywhere in life and do whatever you want. Don't ever lose that spunk and confidence that drives you to be the best that you can be. Choo choo baby!

Mary - You are one of the strongest people I know. You have endured so much in such a short time, and I can't imagine how difficult it must be some days. You are an amazing mother, and Jack couldn't be blessed with a better one! Keep up the good work. I know its hard, but you aren't alone even though it feels like it some days.

Jodi - You are the best teacher I have ever met! You not only take the time to actually teach your students, but you do your best to provide even more than an education. And you don't stop there; you are determined to change the world! And you will one step at a time! I couldn't ask for a better mentor and friend.

I know the rest of you are reading this as well, and I haven't forgotten you. I think of each of you every day, and all of you touch my life in one way or another. I wish I could list all of you individually and tell you how amazing you are, but then I'd get carpel tunnel syndrome.

To all the women in my life, I love you! I wouldn't have made it this far without you, and I can never repay you for your kindness and the motivation that you have provided over the time we have known each other. I am forever in debt to each of you! And if I ever officially go crazy ( I know, its a short drive), I promise to write to you all often if you aren't there with me. That's what real friends are for!


  1. Julie,

    You are one of the strongest people I know, and I am truly blessed to have you and Sara in my life. I love you both!


  2. Jules...words cannot express to you how grateful I am to have you as one of my best friends. You remind me, nearly every day, how strong I am...and how I will get through this. I am so appreciative to have SUCH an inspiration of a mother in my truly inspire me every day. I love you.