Monday, March 22, 2010

That's what sisters are for!

Things at the house have been crazy the last couple weeks, and this one isn't shaping up to be much better. So with the stress level so high, and Sara with her daddy, my sister and I took the opportunity last night to go out together and let it all hang out. We used to go out together a lot, but then life got in the way! It was really nice to get out and just chat like we used to, especially knowing we have many of the same things to "complain" about...and in the end it always makes us laugh!

Barb is amazing with Sara. They love each other so much, and some nights Sara only wants to be with Barb and casts me aside like a dirty dish rag. Its alright with me because I want Sara to have close relationships with all her family, and I know in the end she knows I'm her mother. It makes me feel good to see how much they love each other, and the special bond they have. I know that Barb will be that someone Sara calls when she's 16 and I said no to whatever it is she wants right then.

I'm very blessed to have an amazing sister like Barb. And Sara couldn't have a better Auntie Turkey! Thanks mom and dad for deciding to have another kid, especially a girl, so I had someone to share life's curve balls with. We haven't always gotten along; we prefer to go in cycles. Right now we are in a getting along cycle, and I'm hoping it sticks around.

You're the best Barb!!! I couldn't ask for a better sister, even when we are fighting. I love you and I hope you know that I am always here for you, even when I don't agree with your choice. And as for last night...Choo choo!!


  1. We have a little girl on the way now...I hope my Birdie and her little sister have as good of a relationship as you and Barb have now! :)