Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girl Time!

Today we took time to have Girl's Day Out! So while Grandpa and Brian were at home, the girls of the family (Grandma (my mom), Barb (my sister), Alexis (my niece), Sara, and myself) all went and had our nails done. This was really Sara and Lexi's first trip to the nail salon, so they were excited to get their nails painted. Mom and I got both our fingers and toes done, and so did Lexi. Barb got her toes done (by the pros), and her fingers by Sara.

Not too bad for having them done by a 3 year old. Don't you think?

Sara also got her fingers painted by Barb while they finished waiting for the rest of us. I thought my sister did a really good job considering she had to hit moving targets, and Sara's nails are tiny! This isn't the best picture, but its good enough to see what a big girl my baby looks like when her nails are painted...and they even match her jammies!

Its always nice to get out and spend time with the ones we love. I'm hoping that we all get to do it again soon. It wasn't the most relaxing trip I've ever had to get my nails done, but it was definitely the most fun!

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  1. She has the sweetest face. She's such a cutie!