Monday, March 1, 2010

Problems and Choices

Have you ever noticed that there are only 2 kinds of problems in life? First is the kind that are fairly easy to solve and once you solve it the problem is gone...but it will soon be replaced by an equally simple problem. And then there are the hard problems that never really get solved, just postponed by certain actions just to creep back in when you least expect it as a slightly different version of its original self.

And with every problem there are always choices to be made. It's these choices that cause what can be a simple problem to turn into a difficult problem that lasts. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I decide it will be the wrong decision, but sometimes it is the matter what choice I make it seems to be the right one. Sometimes I think its all because of blind luck vs. using information and experience to pick the right choice. And I really wonder how much blind luck has to do with it.

Right now I am in a phase where I seem to be following an easier road for once. Now I have no expectations that this will last very long, it never does. However, I plan to enjoy it while luck (or experience) guides me to make the right choices. I know that at some point the tide will turn, and a period of harder choices will have to be made (most of which I'm sure I will get wrong). And it is when I have to make those hard choices that I think of things like...

Why is it that the moral or ethic choice is always the hardest to choose?
Why does it take so much more energy to always be "the bigger person"?
Why do I always feel like it is my job to be "the bigger person"?

To be honest, I'm tired of making the right choices for some things. I want to be free to express myself in an inappropriate manner sometimes and know that there won't be an additional problem caused by it later. Can't someone else be the bigger person for a while so that I can take that badge off for a short time?

But my daddy always says, "If you want it done right, do it yourself (or his way)." So although I would like to think my day will come where I will get to take the easy road just once, I know that I will probably never allow myself to do it. And in this I think is the dilemma for most of us.

Rarely does the easy road lead you to where you want to be!

Happy Monday!!

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