Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Change Happens

Change is something that truly is fluid. It never stops; things never stay the same. If things in my life are stable, then the world still turns changing day into night and the days still go by. And sometimes it is things in my life that are changing; and sometimes the change is so big that I fail to notice the small changes like the days going by.

I can honestly say that things in my life are as stable as they have been in a long time, and for that I am grateful.
*Every day that goes by is a new record for the number of days since Sara has been in the hospital; she hasn't been hospitalized since her urostomy surgery back in May of 2009. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of this and am thankful that Sara is finally healthy (by Sara standards, which are always changing).
*My job is amazing, and the products that are manufactured here and come out of my test lab are helping to save the lives of our troops overseas. It makes no difference if I agree for the reasons they are deployed, I take pride in knowing that because of what we build here and what I contribute to those products means that someone's son or daughter, mother or father, got to come home alive and well.
*I have an amazing support group that I can count on. All my family and friends are always there when I really need them, and even though some of you are far away that doesn't mean you are less important. I depend on your words of encouragement from your emails as much as I do from my friends who live close. Thank you to each of you for being amazing each in your own way, and for the support Sara and I received when we were in need!

With that said, I know that some of the things in my life will be changing in the coming weeks. Some of them big changes, some of them small, and some I probably can't even see coming yet. I look forward to some of them, and others not so much. I know some of them are for the best, and although they are the hardest to accept it will be amazing when the change is complete. All I can hope for right now is to remain strong through it all, and come out better on the other side. Isn't that the point of change anyway?

I was reminded again today in a big way that change in my life affects the lives of the people around me, and in turn causes them to change. Not only is change fluid, but it seems to have a domino effect as well. All I can hope for is that the coming changes in my life will not lead to changes for those close to me that they will be unable to accept. Some changes are harder to accept then others, but that is the course of this life and all life. I only hope that I will learn something from my own changes, as well as those who are going through change around me.

And if nothing else, it will give me lots to blog about!

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