Monday, March 29, 2010

Sara's First "Real" Haircut

 This isn't the first time that Sara has ever had her hair cut, but it is the first time I have taken her to a real stylist and had her hair cut to have a style.  Before this, I always just took her to a walk-in salon and had her bangs trimmed or the back of her hair evened out.  And her hair turned out so cute, that I just had to share!!

This is how her hair looked before, pig tails and all.  She was really excited to get her hair cut!

This is her in the chair once her hair was wet.  Look at that mess! I was excited to get her a cute new hair cute, and that she didn't cry at all when we started cutting it.

This is Sara and Ben, the wonderful guy who cuts my hair and my sister's.  Now he cuts Sara's hair, and Lulu's too!  Sara loved him, and he was awesome with her.  He calls her Princess Sara, and treated her like a real princess!

Sara did great, and held still fairly well for a 3 year old.  I was impressed!  We cut about 4" off, and Sara continually pointed out all her hair on the floor while she was waiting for me to get done.

Barb got the pleasure of blow drying Sara's hair since it was time for Ben to wash out my color.

Here's my princess with her new hair!  It's so cute!  I brought the tiara from home; its from when we went to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disneyland.  When I told Sara we were going to get her hair cut, she asked if we were going back to the boutique.  So I tried to make it as similar as I could, and brought her tiara and things from when we were at Disney.  Barb even borrowed a little nail polish and painted her nails.  She loves it, and calls it her Princess Hair!

I wanted to share my new hair as well, even though I don't have a before picture.

It was tons of fun, and I love Sara's new hair (mine too)!!  I love that I can take my baby to do girly things now that she's older.  I'm sure it will only get more fun from here.

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