Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Pictures!

Last weekend my mom insisted we all get together for some family pictures.  Sara had just had school pictures taken at her preschool on Thursday, and daycare on Friday, so she was well practiced.  She did great, and tried to hog the camera.  She wanted to be in every picture, but there were a couple she didn't get to be in.  And of course, Moosie was with us as well (like he always is these days).

Here are the highlights...

Sara totally stole the photographer's heart!  She even told me I should be entering my baby in a Beautiful Baby Contest.  I don't think so.

Sara with Mommy!

Sara with her Auntie Barb (my sister)!

All the "kids"... (from left to right, and top to bottom)...Barb (my sister), Alexis (aka Lulu), Me, Sara and Moosie, and Brian (aka Bobo)!

And the "whole" family...(left to right, and top to bottom again)...Bonnie (my mom), Me, Brian, Ed (my stepdad), Sara and Moosie, Aunt L.A. (my stepdad's sister), Barb (my sister), and Alexis.

So there you have it, just a handful of the many photos we took!  It was crazy getting the kids to cooperate the whole time, but it was worth it.  But I think for now, I have enough pro photos of my daughter to last a while.  And I'm sure once I get her school and daycare photos, I will be posting those as well.


  1. OMG!! She continues to get cuter and cuter! I miss my little Booga so much! I miss her mommy too, before you start giving me crap :P hehe. Anyway, love the pics, and I'm gonna steal some to put on my FB. Love you!

  2. Great pictures! She sure does know how to work the camera! Super cutie!