Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Government Programs Suck!!

Why do we have all these government programs that are suppose to help people who are in need if they refuse to help those of us who really need it?  We all know that people are taking advantage of these programs, like welfare and food stamps.  My questions is how is it that the government thinks its okay to let that happen, when people who really need the help and are working hard to make ends meet can't get it?

Sara and I were applied for a program by Sara's DDRC (Developmental Disability Resource Center) coordinator to get some help with some of Sara's living needs.  But I don't qualify!  I make too much money, even though it isn't enough to make ends meet.  She also applied me to get daycare assistance, but I make $96 too much a month to get that either.  But if I were to quit my job, I would get welfare, food stamps, daycare assistance, government housing, and a whole slue of other assistance free that I would never have to pay back.  Its no shock that anyone on these programs isn't motivated to get a job and do it on their own.  Why work when you can live off the rest of us?

It makes me crazy that I would "make" more money a month not working, than getting up and being a productive member of society!!!  WTF?!?!?!?  Don't they realize that by helping me for 6 months or a year by paying my daycare or part of my rent, that gives me a chance to eliminate some other debt so I can turn around and use that money to then pay daycare or rent and make ends meet on my own?  That it would give me the chance to get on my own two feet so that I would no longer be forced to decide if I should pay a medical bill so it won't go to collections or put food on the table for my daughter?  I have no desire to be lazy and live off the government forever, and I'm not trying to scam them.  But because of the ways these programs are designed (which is horrible and completely useless) I can't get any help.  Instead of helping me for a year and then using that money to help someone else, they'd rather give it to the woman who keeps having kids just to stay on the programs for 10 or 15 years.  She never works a day in her life, and usually the kids turn out to be super upstanding citizens themselves...NOT!!

I'm so over it!  I give up!  I don't know what else to do.  And I hope that the feds don't show up on my doorstep after I post this, but you never know with the way things are going in this country!  I'm sure I'll get one nasty comment from someone who hates what I've said and thinks its unfair.  Life isn't fair people...obviously!  So feel offended that I'm pissed at the government and all the people who take advantage of it, feel offended that I singled out certain people and said not nice things about them, I don't care.  Honestly, I hope this post does make you angry, but not at me.  Nothing will change until the people demand that it does, so be angry if this makes you angry...but do something productive with that anger.  If you don't, then its just a waste.

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