Thursday, September 16, 2010

MS or no MS??

Yesterday evening my doctor called to give me my MRI results.  I'm happy to report that the test was negative!  I don't have MS (or a brain tumor)!!!  Its a great relief to know that isn't what's going on, especially since it can't be cured and all they can do is manage symptoms. 

As for how I'm feeling, I'm less tired put still have joint pain.  At this point, I plan to keep notes of how I feel each day and see if it progresses before going back to the doctor.  We have eliminated all the things that the doctors could readily think of, so now its more of a shot in the dark.

Overall, I feel good.  I'm relieved not to have MS, and I'm not as tired.  Things are getting better!


  1. So glad to hear it's not MS or a tumor...but gosh, not having answers isn't fun either! :(

  2. So relieved to hear the good news of no MS and no brain tumor. Hopefully the tiredness will lessen over time and the joint pain will go away.