Monday, September 13, 2010

I Survived My MRI!!

I had my MRI today.  It was a scan of my brain to check to see if my mystery illness was MS.  I don't have any results yet; I'm hoping by the end of the week to know something.

As for the scan itself, it went well.  The nurse who put in my IV was amazing, and did a great job!  I don't even have a bruise, which is unusual for me.  All I remember was laying on the table of the machine, her putting in the drugs, and then waking up in recovery.  So all in all, it was perfect!! 

And apparently I sent some texts and made a couple calls when I woke up in recovery, but I don't remember sending them.  So if you got one and it made no sense, sorry about that!  My bad!


  1. Glad it went well...sending healthy prayers your way!

  2. Julie, so glad to hear the test went well! Sometimes the anticipation is so much harder than the actual event, huh? I hear ya on that one :)

    Hopefully this will help clear some things up. And while a diagnosis such as MS is never something to hope for, an answer is still an answer. I sincerely hope it's something else, something much more mundane, but I hope mostly that you get closure and start to feel better soon.

    Let us know what's happening. I'll be reading from the hospital and home :)