Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sara's Latest MRI

I know, I know!  How dare it take me two days to post what happened when I admitted to sitting in a waiting room while Sara was having a test done.  To those of you who have been anxiously awaiting to hear the results, I'm so sorry for the delay.

With that said, Sara did great during her MRI.  She barely cried at all this time, and didn't fight us at all.  It used to be that when I carried her into the MRI room, she'd be thrashing around and completely hysterical.  This time she was crying, but mostly calm and didn't push the mask away or anything.  Unfortunately, I think she's finally getting used to it.  She went to sleep easily, and woke up just fine.  By the time we left, she was her normal self and you couldn't even tell she'd been sedated just a short time ago.  We won't get the results for a couple weeks; I have to make an appointment to see her oncologist to get them.  I'm hoping to schedule that on Monday, and of course I will be listing it on the right side of the blog under Important Events for those of you who want to know when it is.

She was also supposed to have an EMG, since she has to be sedated for that as well.  An EMG is where they take a tiny needle that has an electric current, and they touch nerves to see what kind of response they get.  That's the super simple version anyway.  We wanted to do it on Sara's legs, especially her right, because she has been complaining about pain for some months now but we're not really sure what that means.  Sara isn't old enough to tell us if its really pain or tingling or what kind of feeling it is, and since the nerves are compromised by all the tumors we have no way to even make an educated guess as to what it might be.  This test will tell us exactly that, and how sensitive she is as well, and then maybe we can find a better medication to help manage whatever it is that Sara refers to as pain. 

The EMG wasn't possible because the scheduler screwed it up.  I have to call her Monday to reschedule, and let's just say I will have a few choice words for her.  Its another trip to the hospital (45 min away), another 12 hours of starving my child, another sedation, and another day off of work I can't afford.  To say the least, I'm not happy!!  I scheduled this 3 months ago to make sure it would all go smooth, and look what happened.  So we'll see when it'll be rescheduled for next week, and of course it will be listed over on the right like all her other appointments. 

So after all that, we still had to head to her follow-up appointment at her urologist.  This was her yearly check after her surgery.  And the news couldn't have been any better!!!!  Sara's kidneys look amazing; the best they've ever looked in the 3 years of her life actually.  Her right kidney (its always been the healthier of the two) is functioning at 100% and is completely normal, and her left isn't far behind and healthy as well.  And it looks like, even with all the infections and opportunities there have been for permanent damage, it seems that she's escaped that for the most part.  This is the best news we could hope for, and it means we don't have to go back for a year!!!  A whole year, can you believe it?!?!?!?

And on a side note, Sara started at a new daycare this week, and she's loving it!  Sara has always loved going to school, so this is a really good thing for her.  She's adjusting well to it, and the kids in the class seem to love her according to her teachers.  It seems a good fit for everybody.

When we get to the oncologist and get the results of her MRI, then I will be posting that as well...could be a couple weeks though.  Not sure when we are going.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  I know we will!!

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