Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was surfing through some old photos over the weekend and came across a very familiar looking photo.  It wasn't familiar because I remembered it being taken, or because it's one of my favorites...its the fact that I have the same photo from two generations without even knowing it.

In the old photos I was looking at I found this photo of my mom and me when I was around 2.  I know the quality isn't great, but its an old photo...and I didn't have a way to scan it so I had to take a pic of the photo with my camera.

Sara and I went and took this last year.  I had totally forgotten the previous picture existed, and there's no way I could have gotten Sara to hold that pose anyway.  But look what happened!  I think its kind of neat, and it makes me see how much Sara really does look like me.

So here we are, two generations with the same photo around the same age.  Its amazing, and kind of cool.  I still don't think Sara looks anything like me now, but I'm starting to wonder if she looks a lot like me when I was that age.  It seems that might be the case.  Like mother, like daughter I guess...or is it like daughter, like mother??

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow....how cool!!!!

    I do see that Sara looks like you when you were little. And you look like your mom at that age. But yeah, I don't see as much of Sara in you currently, but obviously, when looking at your 2 year old picture, "like daughter, like mother"! ;) Looks and actions! :)