Saturday, July 3, 2010

Like a good neighbor...

I got reminded today (again) about how amazing the people in my life are.  It seems that I'm blessed in more ways than I even knew.

My next door neighbor moved into his house just a few months after I moved in to mine.  I've been in my house for over 8 years now, so we've been neighbors a long time.  We go in this cycle where we'll talk often and see how life is treating us, and then we'll have times that we don't talk to each other for a couple months.

In the time we've lived next door to each other he's received a kidney transplant, survived major medical complications, gotten married, and done more work to his house then I think I'll be capable of in a lifetime.  I've had multiple roommates, my family living with me, given birth to Sara, been in and out of my relationship with Curtis, been through all of Sara's medical stuff and discovered her diagnosis, and there's more I'm sure.

We talked a lot about kidney disease and all the complications that can happen when your kidneys are at risk when Sara started having problems with her.  He had just had his transplant and was finally making a turn for the better after being sick a long time.  He gave me hope that no matter what, she would make it through this.  During that time, we spent a lot of time hanging out and having BBQs together and all kinds of things.

Why do I tell you all this?  Because yesterday I ran into him out in front of our houses.  He was asking me how I was doing and if I needed any help with anything since he knew it was just Sara and I now.  I told him I was doing okay, and I couldn't really think of anything.  And he said that if I refused to ask for help, then he'd just give it to me anyway.  Right then and there he offered to mow my lawn for me!!!  A small chore in the big picture, but something that I never get to because I don't want to leave Sara alone in the house for an hour while I do it.  I haven't mowed my lawn in a least.  He said he knew it must be hard to find the time and was happy to do it for me.

So what did I do at 8am this morning, I mowed my lawn before Sara got home.  She spent the night with my mom and step-dad.  He said to me today that I should have let him do it, and I think he's still planning to go around the edges with his trimmer since I didn't do that part today...and haven't yet this year.  I was never good at accepting help, but maybe I need to learn to!

I'm incredibly grateful for his offer to help me!  Its nice to know that I have people I can go to in a pinch and they will help me with whatever.  I have a couple other neighbors that have also offered to help me out if I need anything, all I have to do is ask.  Its the asking part I'm not good at.

I always wanted to live in a neighborhood where I knew all my neighbors, and knew that I could ask them for favors in a pinch.  I never thought of this neighborhood like that, until it was just Sara and I.  Once it was just the two of us, my neighbors have made a point to let me know they're there for me if I need help.  One more blessing I need to remember every day...and how lucky I am in my life!

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