Saturday, June 26, 2010

Painting Horses

Yesterday I took Sara to visit a friend of mine that is working at a horse ranch for the summer.  They have all day camps, but also do therapy riding and lessons.  She invited Sara and I up to check it out and to introduce Sara to riding.  I love to ride, although I've not had many chances to do it since I was a child.  I wasn't sure Sara would be willing to ride, and when we got there she refused to even pet the horses let alone ride one.

But while we were there the girls that were signed up for the summer camp were painting some of the horses with finger paints.  Sara was really into that, and she did a great job.  She even painted me in the process because she got a little wild with swinging that paint brush around.

Here is Sara painting the horse!  I think it ended up being a house, with a little help from my friend.

Sure enough she got me with the paint brush.  That's okay, worse things could happen and it was good for a laugh!

They also had a handful of babies least 6 that I could count...all various ages.  They were awfully cute!

It was a hot day, about 100 degrees.  And since it was so hot, we didn't stay long.  After about 30 min Sara was ready to go home and rest.  We will be back to see if we can get Sara to ride again, hopefully soon.  But for a first experience with horses, I think it went well.

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