Thursday, June 24, 2010

The List

Yesterday I just had one of those days where I couldn't find anything in my life that was positive.  Life has thrown some really nasty curve balls my way lately, and it seems that as soon as I dodge one there is another right after it...and sometimes they seem to come two or three at a time.

So today I woke up telling myself that I would find all the good things I had in my life and focus on that no matter how much of my energy it took.

I am amazingly blessed to have these things in my life every day!

1.  Sara - my miracle baby 100%!
2.  A job that I love, and enjoy doing.
3.  Amazing family and friends who are supportive and love Sara and I more than I probably know.
4.  A safe place for us to live that truly is my sanctuary when things are difficult.
5.  That Sara continues to grow and be as healthy as possible.
6.  An amazing man who I treasure with all my heart and am blessed to have in my life.
7.  The ability to provide everything my daughter needs.
8.  That Sara and I are HAPPY, even when things are difficult!

This is my list today of the things that are wonderfully good in my life, and in Sara's life!  This is my focus today, and every day, from now on...especially when things are really hard like they are now. 

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