Friday, January 4, 2013

Unexpected Hospital Visit

Well, yesterday Sara and I ended up at the hospital because of a complication she's been having with her cast.

Since surgery Sara's right foot (the side we didn't fix) has been swelling considerably, to the point Sara complains about pain.  We knew that this foot would have some swelling issues because with all the tumors she has on that side she has basically no lymphatic system.  And since she isn't up right and walking or moving around to get the muscles to do the work, it just swells.

The real problem was that it would begin to swell too much and cause pain after only 10 or 15 mins of sitting up.  So since we've come home from the hospital, Sara's pretty much only been able to lie down 24/7.

Yesterday I called the surgeon's office about something else, and the nurse asked about how the swelling was going.  I talked to her about it a while back a couple days after we'd been home.  I told her it continued to be a huge problem, and she said that it should have resolved itself by now and to bring her in right away.  So off we went to the hospital.

We saw the PA, and he was great!  We talked out the issue quickly, and came up with a solution.  We cut part of the cast out to make more room, and then placed the cut piece back in loosely and keep it all together with an ace bandage.  It works great!  I can loosen it when her foot is swelling if I need to, and now Sara can finally leave the house.  We can go to the store, for a walk, and now Sara can finally travel to her dad's.  She hasn't seen him since being discharged because he lives too far away for her to travel to since she has to sit up in the carseat.

We cut the cast from her foot to mid-shin to relieve the swelling issues.

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  1. Hope the swelling has lessened and Sara continues to do great in her recovery. May you both habe been able to get out and about a little too. Continued prayers.

    ~Kelly, Scott, Nolan, Barrett & Travis