Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Great News, No More Cast!!

Sara's appt was perfect!!!  Her hip x-rays looked amazing and we were able to remove her cast today!

Sara says her leg is sore, but that's not unexpected considering she hasn't used it in 6 weeks.  But despite her discomfort, she is a determined little girl and was up crawling tonight.  She is slower than water running up hill, and her balance is pretty bad considering she's on all fours, but its a start....and for only 4 hrs out of the cast, its great!!

Sara will be home from school one more day, tomorrow, so that she can get her bearings when it comes to her mobility.  I want her to have some time to figure out her limitations before being in a classroom with her peers, who can be less than graceful at times like all kids that age.

Sara's birthday wish this year was to get her cast off and get back to school.  Well, thanks to today she's halfway there.  And I think she'll return to school Thur, on her birthday, just in time to celebrate with her peers.  I know she's super excited to get back there!

Here is the picture of her x-rays before and after!  I don't think I need to tell you which is which.

One more chapter completed, and one more challenge surpassed!  On to the next mountain side....

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  1. Awesome! So glad to her she's doing so well. Way to go Sara!