Friday, January 11, 2013

Hurrying to the Hospital...Again!

Today started with an early trip to the hospital set up by Sara's pediatrician.  We saw him late last night about Sara's swollen foot and shin, and he was so concerned he called over to the hospital and they told us to come in first thing today.

Sara has continued to have swelling issues with her right foot and lower leg since we modified the cast last week, but since coming back from her dad's earlier in the week, I just wasn't able to get the swelling under control again.

So off we went to be squeezed in early this morning, and we ended up cutting the cast some more.  It was debated if it was better to cut it above the knee, or take off the entire right leg section.  It was decided that taking off the entire right leg was better because Sara's swelling is actually fluid retention because of her lack of a lymphatic system in that leg and foot.  Damn tumors!  It was believed if we cut just above the knee, in another few days we'd be back again because the fluid is just going to continue taking what room we give it.  

So out came the "evil" saw again, and Sara was less than thrilled! But she was a trooper, not even crying once.  She was super helpful, and was really happy when we were done.  Now Sara can move her right leg around and hopefully that movement will help get that fluid back to moving again.  And since we cut it all the way up to her hip, let's hope that will be the last time until we just take the entire thing off.

Here are some of the pics from our exciting morning!

Sara's huge foot that caused us another unplanned trip to the hospital.
Sara being brave while the cast tech started cutting.
More being brave, and when we were so close to her butt.
Trimming the edges so it won't poke or cut her.
Sara's new look!
Sara was really upset when we had to cut off Grandma's angel. , so the tech was kind enough to cut it out and tape it so she could keep it.
The discard pieces!
I think this is really going to work!  It was nice to be able to wash her leg when we got home too, but oh the dead skin!  Its flaking off EVERYWHERE!!!  Ewwww!!!

And Sara is really excited to have her leg and foot back!  She's already trying to figure out how to move around on her own now, and I doubt it will take very long.  I'm sure that's the next thing I'll be blogging about in regards to this whole part of Sara's NF adventure.

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  1. OH my word. What a trooper. Poor Sara. I just wish I could give her big ole hugs. Snuggle with her and tell her it's from Joey's mom.