Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seasonal Sickness

Its been a rough couple weeks at our house!

I came down with whatever horrible virus is going around last week.  And boy, is it a doozy!  I'm on day 9 and just feeling human.  Still have some cough, but the majority of my symptoms have passed, including the 102+ fever I had for 4 days straight.

I did every thing I could to keep Sara from catching it, but with a virus there's only so much you can do.  Unfortunately, Sara started showing signs of catching it this last weekend.  And Monday, the school called to come get her...her temp was 102.

Now its a race to get her better before surgery!  Luckily, it seems that her fever is over and she's on the mend.  She seems to be feeling a little better today.  She's asking to go to school, even though she is still congested.  But I think its a good sign.

Hopefully tomorrow Sara will return to school, and I will finally return to work after being gone for 5 days (right before I'm about to take 3 weeks off for Sara's surgery).  Admittedly, not the best time to be sick and taking time off.

And through it all, my roommate has been trying desperately not to get it...and my boyfriend was the first to have it, so he's been out a lot too recently.  I'm just glad we're at the end of this illness.  Its been ugly, and very stressful with Sara's surgery so close.

Hopefully things will only get better from here!

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  1. I've been thinking a lot about you guys. Lots of prayers that things go well.