Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hospital Day 2

Sara had a great night!  She still isn't reporting any intense pain.  She slept as well as you can in a hospital with nurses waking you up every couple hours.

Here are some pics from yesterday and this morning.

Sara in recovery yesterday!

This is Sara's post-op x-ray.  It is her left hip looking down from the sky while she lays on the bed.  If you look close, you can see the break and, of course, the hardware.

This picture is from this morning, and gives you an idea of how major the cast is.  It reaches all the way to her ribs!

Another close up of the cast.

These are just some of the Cheer Cards that you all have sent from the hospital website.  Every time new ones arrive Sara gets a huge smile, and when we read them says thank you to each one of you!  This picture is only about half the ones she's received.  Don't stop sending them!

The doctor came in this morning and said that we should be able to head home tomorrow.  He said we might even have be able to head home late today, but with the mini blizzard that came in overnight he's happy to send us home tomorrow.  Sara is still doing great, and we're hoping to transition her to oral pain meds this afternoon.  We also have to trim the cast a little around her urostomy site.  Its very difficult to change her bag right now because there isn't enough room.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Sara and I through this, and everything else that Sara has been through on her journey with NF!  We wouldn't have made it this far without you!


  1. What is the hospital website send a card url?