Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Week At Home

Today marks 1 week since being discharged from the hospital.

Sara is doing well!  She is starting to be awake more, and seems to be trending back to a normal functional level.  Acceptance of her new limitations has started to sink in, and hopefully that will makes things a little smoother.  So far that mixed with the pain has made for a very grumpy and angry little girl.  We've had some real anger issues; whining and crying mostly, but every day gets a little better.

We are still dealing with some pain and medication issues, and still going around the clock.  I'm tired from getting up multiple times at night, but its worth it to know it helps her to rest more comfortably.  There are also some nutrition issues we are dealing with (Sara hasn't been eating very well since surgery).  The last issue we continue to battle is the swelling in her right foot.  I have to watch it very carefully, and use elevation and ice packs throughout the day and night to keep the swelling down.  And then, of course, there is all the issues involved with the cast learning new ways to changing diapers, wash hair, and changing to different positions often to avoid developing sores on her back.

I haven't even taken her out of the house yet.  Between the weather being so cold here and Sara's discomfort, going out just hasn't seemed like a good idea.  Maneuvering her into the car and the new wheelchair, and dealing with all the issues that might arise, just seems like more than she can handle (and I want to take on) for the moment.  Maybe that's a project to tackle next week!

I'm hoping that by later next week (even if we can't go out), Sara will maybe be up for a play date with a friend or two since I know she has friends who are wanting to come and see her.  Sara has had family come to see her almost every day since being home, and is always very tired after a visit.  Usually a nap is needed afterward, or at least some veg time in front of the TV.  The rest of the time is passed with coloring, video games, and playing with some of the toys that arrived under the tree a couple days ago.  (Santa was thinking this year when he picked out what to bring her.)

I also made Sara's follow-up appt when we hope to cut her cast off.  It's scheduled for Jan. 29th!  Let's hope we can take it off then and move her to a splint instead of keeping the cast on for longer.  It would be a great birthday present for Sara!


  1. She is such a strong little girl and you're just as strong for helping her through this all. It's a very difficult road. I know what I'm talking about.

  2. Glad to hear recovering is going well. Yea for the end-date to the cast! Keeping Sara, you, and the family in our thoughts and prayers. Continued prayers for healing.

    ~Kelly, Scott, Nolan, Barrett & Travis